How it Works

Handle more customers & Reduce Errors with Online Ordering

ordering system for restaurants

No middleman

When customers order through your Digital Carryout system, payments are handled through a secure payment processor and sent directly to your bank - not through us. This gives you quick access to your funds (usually 1-2 days). The customer's payment is processed in seconds and the order details are then relayed to your restaurant.

Quick and easy for your customers and no middleman to hold your money.

The Freedom to Choose

With the Digital Carryout system, you have the option to use many different payment processors - giving you the freedom to grow your own business and not someone else's. Either way, the staff here at Digital Carryout will setup and completely install your menu ordering system AND provide ongoing, comprehensive support should you need help.

Powerful features

Digital Carryout gives you the ability to display everything from simple to complex menu items, assign delivery charges, minimum delivery orders and even turn the orders on and off at preset times. Customers can choose pickup or delivery and order from their desktop, tablet, mobile device and more.

Easy on your pocketbook - No hidden fees

Digital Carryout is designed to work for you... no lengthy contracts, no risk and you choose the options you need. Read more about our plans and pricing.

The perfect solution...

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