Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Digital Carryout?

Digital Carryout is an online ordering system designed specifically for restaurants, carry outs and catering businesses. Digital Carryout is integrated as part of your website and brand allowing you to build more repeat business.

Unlike other solutions, Digital Carryout gives you the choice of a pay-as-you-go subscription or a licensed solution with a low, one-time cost.

How long does it take to get setup and running?

Typically, it takes from 7 to 10 days. Just signup, provide your logo and menu. We take care of customizing, menu upload and complete setup. Then you review the setup and you're ready to go!

What kind of support can I expect?

The Digital Carryout system is designed to run smoothly and integrate seamlessly. However, if you need help with orders, menu management or even creating a coupon - we'll be there to assist.

What makes Digital Carryout better than other solutions?

The Digital Carryout system empowers you, the restaurant owner, to take orders on your own website. This benefits you in a number of ways including branding your own business and not ours. Our pricing structure ensures that as your volume increases, your costs stay the same. Your customer data and orders belong to you - we don't hold your data or control your sales revenue in any way.

What is the cancelation policy?

You can cancel ANYTIME by calling us at 1-410-789-7007 or contacting us through email. For purchased licenses, you have the ability to cancel anytime within 30 days. Setup fees are non-refundable.

Do you take a percentage of my sales?

No. Not a penny. The Digital Carryout system integrates with your payment processor, your bank and merchant account. We do not hold your money. We invoice you for your plan on a monthly basis.

Are there any extra costs?

We offer a number of optional addons, however, the costs listed on our pricing page are all inclusive for a fully functional and powerful online ordering system. There is a small charge for faxing the order details to your store. Depending on the plan you select, a number of faxes are sent free each month.

Do I need a computer or website?

Minimally, you should have a phone number to receive order details, however, you do not need a computer or website. The Digital Carryout system can be your all inclusive website and ordering system in one. If you have an existing website that you don't want to give up... that's fine, we'll give you instructions to link to your new system.

Can I can receive orders without using Fax?

Yes, actually our preferred method is to send your order details via text messages. If you have a computer and Internet connection, we can send orders direct to your computer and eliminate printing or faxing. You can also get your orders via email. Each restaurant is different and we'll give you options depending on your situation.

What is different between your solution and places like GrubHub or Seamless?

Digital Carryout is not a portal taking orders on your behalf... it is part of your own web presence. Unlike those solutions, we don't keep your customer data or charge a percentage of your sales. The Digital Carryout system is customized with your brand so customers interact with your business and not the portal.